3D printing


You might have seen some of my objects printed out of ABS material already here at my website or at my FB account.

There is some more info about this new equipment in my workshop. I ve´been already using this printer for more than half of the year, and I had to make quite many improvements before the results came out regulary in a good quality. Mankati FullScale is solid FDM 3D printer with metal frame, ballscrew at Z axis and with X,Y,E build similar to the american Ultimaker, but this one has two extruders in the basic composition. I bought it from first user(profesional 3D print company), where they tested it, if it suits for their work. They had to make already some improvements before I bought it, and gave me some advice when I needed it in the begining, they also undergo me licence for software and recommended some other to use. Printer had some Achilles´ heels  from the beginning, first there were problems with original hotends (0.4mm for 3mm fillament), so guys using it before me, replaced them with new one´s made of stainless steel from Prusa.  But still it was quite incomfortable to replace them if fillament got stuck and there was also problem with leveling of one extruder to the other one. So I ended up with settings improving this fault. First I added screws at hotends, threaded holes in to the head to manage leveling, and threaded the holes on the top of the head as well for  aditional ftpe tube push fit connector that ensure easy access from the top in to the hot-end it self. With this betterment I am able to keep the hot-ends warm on the place and I need just to drill off stuck plastic from inside the nozzle with 3mm in dia long drill bit by hand. Than I can guide filament back to the hot hole and push by hand on the rod to squeeze out some plastic. That´s all! Now I can tighten back the connector of the tube and continue printing.

…. article in progress

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