Category: Design talks


This trophy was designed for the “Czech-French Camber of Commerce” as a prize for the winners. There are several different types of shapes, which came from my interest in crystalography, so the shapes are matematical construct of absolutely perfect crystal without any iperfection in it’s 3D lattice. This particular one is Beta Quartz and the brass stand is it’s casted shadow made physical.

Algorythm based modeling

This is an example of algorythm based modeling in Grasshopper plugin in Rhinocerros 5.0 CAD software. Whole algorythm works on simple rules of “Turtle logic”, which gives the virtual machine orders where to branch, at which angle and length in 2D plane or 3D space. This logic structre defined by algorythm and few variables eg. angle or length can also run different number of discrete times, called generations. Generations does change the virtual age of the plant from the young and simle to the old and more complex looking.




Flower vase and bowl and blossom


This set of bowl and vase is designed to be cutted out of clear optic blocks of glass, therefore they are going to be perfectly clear and without imperfections inside of the glass. From this type of glass are made optic apartures as camera lenses and it is the best quality glass that can be used for such purpose.

Augmented / Virtual Reality


As you might notice, I’ve been playing with augmented reality for a while, but now there is a possibility to connect augmented reality with new wave of interest in virtual reality. Now days there is a huge campaign to popularize virtual reality to be used by public for a first time as a mass made product. This mania started probably with super cheap solution from google. The idea was just to split your smartphone’s screen to stereoscopic view with an app, and than just to clip it in to cardboard holder with two enlarging lenses and magnet trigger.  I as a developer of augmented reality apps didn’t miss this mania and I tested this feature on my 3D printed headset. I was amazed by future possibilities and later I ordered Samsung Gear VR headset for my Samsung Gallaxy S6. Contemporary I’m working on making AR_VR apps for Android devices to add virtual content in stereoscopic view and match it to target image/object in real world. The image is fed trough back camera on the device and split in to stereo, than the virtual content is added if the target is recognized and final image is displayed on the split screen and perceived by each eye individually. This is another great tool for any designer to show virtual designs to costumers during the period before the production. The advantage is in natural stereo mode display and authentic scale comparison in real world environment.

target image/object: (this cube(100x100x100 mm) with QR codes on it should be placed in real world environment)