IOT? what is it good for?


Recently, I’ve been playing with the idea of using new possibilities of IOT (internet of things) in my projects. I have been using Arduino and Raspberry-Pi in my projects for a while, so that´s why it was my first choice to use them as hardware. These familiar open source devices to me, are quite easy to setup and  straight forward to use, with amazing and big community of users sharing their skills, codes and guides online.

For testing of IOT. I, as non programmer, would personally recommend new Raspberry WebIOPi software in tandem with free on-line IP address provider system With this setup you can use GPIO pins as I/O straight on Raspberry, or you can expand them, by connecting Arduino board trough (USB/I2C/SPI) communication. With Arduino connected, it opens up all possibilities of using Arduino shields and sensors available on Raspberry-Pi as master commander. WebIOPi (Javascript/HTML client web interface) can be ,as default, used on local network, but weaved services allows you to use all these features online from anywhere any time.

This can be used basically to remotely control devices as home automation (turn on/off heating/lighting …) or as original responsive design products remotely commanded trough custom UI (user interface) in any web browser or as an app in customer’s device.

There are many other’s open source software for Raspberry-Pi with web interface, mostly focused at home automation as openHAB, but they seem’s to me a bit more complex than necessary for basic purposes.


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