Lissajous based CNC drawings

At the picture you can see the process of drawing linear drawing based on CNC numeric positioning, there are three axis involved at the moment. Two spinning arms attached togeather affects the position of the drawing pen on the 2D plane and the 3rd axis is the turntable spinning. Each motor has it’s specific position in time, that means, each motor can change the direction of spinning and speed independent from the other motors. These three movements controlled togeather at the same time makes the actual drawing. PC sends the G code data signal/pulses trough the arduino in to the motor drivers/motors. Coordiantes has it’s orign from the CAD modeling software, those 3D figures are quite simple shapes of regular and semi regular loops based on Lissajous figures of simple ratios, like ( 1:1, 1:2, 2:3, 3:4, … ). Than 3D coordinates of points from these figures are translated to one of each motors and creates the abstract drawing.


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