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Here are the links to download my CV in CZECH / ENGLISH and here is my PORTFOLIO.

I’am Jakub PETR, an artist and designer from Czech Republic, based in Prague.

Date of Birth: 1th February 1987
Place of Birth: Prague, Podoli
Address: Jesenný – Bohunovsko n.1, 513 01, Czech Republic/
Taborska 61/330, Praha 4, 140 00, Czech Republic
Nationality: CZECH
Telephone: +420 723 320 691
E-mail: email@jakubpetr.com
Web: jakubpetr.com, sklopetr.com




Master degree, MgA. (master of arts)
Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, GLASS studio .
Headed by Profesor Vladimir Kopecky – 2007/08 and afterwards by Akad.soch.Rony Plesl – 2008/15.

International Exchange study at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
Cermics and Glass dept. – 2012/13

Erasmus exchange study at Edinburgh College of Art,
Glass dept. – headed by Alison McConachie, 2010

The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod
Department of blown and hand shaped glass, headed by Mga. Katerina Krausova – 2004/07

Workshops: Glassblowing workshop in Frauenau, Germany, 2007
I’ve been co-organizing glass-blowing workshops in Jesenný-Bohunovsko 2007 – 2014.
Glass LAB Session, Glass Ways,hotshop Franisek, Sazava, 2015
IGS, International Glass Symposium, Novy Bor, 2015

Awards: Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, Rector Prize winner, 2012

Software experience:
Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop, (occasionally, basic / intermediate skills)
Corel Draw + Photo Paint, ( occasionally, intermediate skills)
CAD, Rhinoceros 5.0 (Grasshopper), (often, intermediate skills), GH(intermediate skills)
CGI, KeyShot 5.0 (often, intermediate skills)
MS OFFICE (occasionally, basic / intermediate skills)

Work experience:
UMPRUM university, external teacher of: Basics of glass technology, 2016
Design for company BOMMA, 2016
SKLO PETR s.r.o., since 2013 – 2016

Solo Exhibitions:
Designblok 2015 and Design Week 2016 (tandem with Filip Dobias)
Solo art exhibition: Toroid at Galerie u Zlatého Prstenu, GHMP, Prague, 2013
Výstava/Exhibition 2012, DOX Prague, 2012 (Rector Prize winner 2012)

Group Exhibitions:
Manifest, Glass Studio UMPRUM, ZIBA Glass Experience Museum, Prague, 2015
Glass to Face, Avoid Floating Gallery, Prague, 2015
Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010, 2012, Milano, Italy
Transparency Nation, DOX Prague, 2011
In Cross, Bílá Věž ve Zlaté uličce, Prague 2010
Spa resort Sanssouci, Karlovy Vary 2008, 2009
Pragointerier new design, Prague, 2007, 2008, 2009
Czech contemporary glass design, Zdeněk Petr and Jakub Petr,
Český Krumlov, 2008
University exhibition at Designblok, Prague, 2007, 2011


I’ve been working with glass, since I was 15 y.o.
Then my high school studies started and that’s where I learnt my craft and other artistic
fundamental skills.
Than I continued developing my aesthetics to work with glass material at university for more than 6 years.
During that period of time, I became a designer with the soul of an artist.  I developed also some basic
understanding in other fields as well, for example how to work with steel and electronics.
Especially Electronics became my hobby when I started using motion as part of my projects and micro-controllers
were necessary to drive them. With the use of micro-controllers, there was a need for basic understanding of
programming too, so I started to program the most basic devices as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
Now-days, I’m really interested in clever use of technology in one hand with the modern design.
For my recent projects I have made,  I upgraded my own 3D printer, built CNC glass engraving machine or developed
new techniques to work with glass. (a.g. centrifuge glass casting).

Process of design:

When it comes to the design, it is always the perfect IDEA in my mind, that is needed in the first place!
Than I can simply start hand drawing sketches of that idea, continue CAD modeling in 3D to figure out the smallest
details. For this job I use Rhinoceros 5.0, sometimes in cooperation with generative plugin Grasshopper.
When the kinematic model is necessary, I do it in SolidWorks.
For the CGI (computer generated imagery) I’m using KeyShot 5.0.
Sometimes 3D printed / CNC milled models or virtual reality model representation is needed to present the designs
to the customer before the actual production starts it self.
I can make such presentation possible using VR headset Samsung GEAR VR and Samsung Galaxy S6, the actual apps
with the models are made in Unity + Vuforia software.
Contemporary, I´m working at large LED screen lighting project connected with IOT (internet of things).

My inspiration mostly comes form popular science literature about the physics, mathematics and biology
as well as from natural principles in general.
My favourite topics are: Fractals, Crystalography, Artificial Inteligence, Multidemenional time-space, Regular and
semi-regular division of 3D space, String theory, Quantum Physics inc. Computing, Generative design,
3D printing and scanning, Telescopes, Astronomy and so on.



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