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This is a long-time exposure photography of Toroid light sculpture.

Toroid 1.1
TOROID, Jakub Petr, 2013

Toroid is 4D, 3 meters in diameter, real-time light drawing sculpture. It uses programmable electronic-motors to fast spin steel arms in two axes at the same time.
On the end of the second arm, there are placed 3 LED´s (RGB) those are programmable too, they are doing continuous line drawings.
The shapes of the curves are changing accordingly to the ratio of the speed of those two motors, thay are all the same shape, just rotated of angle 120 degrees from the top view.

By changing the speed and ratio, the figure goes trough the rational proportions (1:1, 2:1, 3:1, …)=harmonic and stable.
If the ratio is a bit out of this exact ratio it starts slowly rotate in one direction left/right depending on, if it is slower or faster than the other motor.
But the rest of the states, nearly all the rest are quasiperiodic states which looks random and chaotic to the naked eye.
The most interesting for me is the fact, that it must go through the chaotic states before it can appear and slowly stop it in those which are hamonic, than slowly disappear again and so on.

This interdisciplinary sculpture was made on the occasion of my first own exhibition, made in cooperation with Start Up program of GHMP gallery in Prague, at “Galerie u Zlatého Prstenu”, on June 2013.




Toroid, 2013  2.3 Toroid, GHMP-Zlatý prsten, 3m


Toroid test, 2012, 1m  1.5 Toroid, prostorové kresby led diodami na anuloidu,model 1m, 2013  1.6 Toroid, prostorové kresby led diodami na anuloidu,model 1m, 2013


String is 5 meter long light sculpture based on spinning electro-luminiscent wire between two electric motors, all controlled by microcontroller Arduino. The string is changing shape in time, because of different tension when the speed of motors change. That makes rotary sinus curve, the number of amplitudes and nodes depends on the speed of motors thus tension. It is possible to stroboscopically flash the wire at the same position and visually stop the sinus curve or intersection of sinusoid at one place. Idea of whole concept came from my interest about science, especially theoretical physics and it´s concept of String theory in this case. Which says that everything is made of vibrating strings or rather membranes at multi-dimensional (10/11) space-time. It means, that different properties of mater, antimatter, energy and so on, are just different frequencies. It was made in june, 2012.