#1 Fullerene doses


Fullerenes are doses which were designed for press molding and machine cutting at Czech company BOMMA. The whole pattern which determinate’s mathematical formula, came from the space division of geodetic domes. The concept behind geodetic domes is in subdivision of triangular faces of icosahedron in to higher number of sub triangles. These structures “Fullerenes” are named and best known because of an American architect Buckminster Fuller, who used them during post WW2 period, for EXPO pavilions and in his visions for future architecture. The natural structures Fullerenes were named because of their popularizer and does use the same geometry for carbon molecules. They were predicted  in 70’s and discovered during 80’s. For designing of this project especialy I used new promising technique of parametric modeling in Grasshopper plugin for Rhino 5.0 CAD program. This method allows me to easily build-up a program made of structure of modules which determinate’s the shape trough variables in it, so you can easily and precisely change the whole setup without manual modeling.






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