#2 Lindenmayer System drinking set


Lindenmayer system is algorithmic graphic way, how to describe plant growth and it’s development in time.

The mathematical formula of L systems is very simple, the primitive expression is used in loop in combination with some variables such as length of increment, angle of increment or number of loops.

The basic expression might look something like this:
p=0.10;0.18;0.28;0.30, X→X
n=12;10;8;6, X→F[+F+X]X[-X+F]// [+F-X]X[-X-F]F
δ=21;19;14;8°, F→FF////

I used these patterns of artificial plants as sandblasted motive on my glass goblets and carrafe in the collection of drinking set.
Drinking set inspired by Lindenmayer’s systems, consist’s of tree types of goblets for different types of vine and two types of glasses for water and beer. In addition, there are jug for water or beer and carafe for wine. Whole set does use historical look with plant illustrations on it. This decoration looks to fit the historical period, but it’s sandblasted decors are based on the mathematical graphical algorithm of Lindenmayer’s systems, they are typically used for computer modeling of plants. This method of modeling works on the principle of fractals and it is possible to generate natural species as well as artificial ones.
The formulas and variables used for generating exactly these plants were sandblasted on the foot of each single glass. This was made, because these at the first sight poetic looking plants waving in the summer wind, can be surprisingly mathematically described by simple formula.

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